Taking it one day at a time, as a Strategist, I work full time in HR. I write and implement change management, policy and systems overhaul, act as counsel and debriefing support, and manage complex HR caseloads. In my spare time I run a network for professionals who require debriefing, counsel, advice, and host teaching seminars. I’m sure you’ve gathered from this blog, I not only write about my professional interests, but also about my personal frustrations with politics.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. You know what? You’ve ruined my 2013 resolution – to avoid signing onto more blogs to follow. I have too many already. And you know what else? I’m glad you did. (By the by, this is payback for deciding to follow me. See? My karma just ran over your dogma. ;) )
    Oh, and just so you know, I haven’t been able to work since 2002, and trust me, ain’t nothin’s changed. The office politics you speak about were rampant in my time, stretching back into the 70s. Nice to know some things never change, eh?

  2. An HR director from Corporate America! Oh, dear, that’s a bit Montague and Capulet (if not Hatfield and McCoy!) from my point of view as a recently gleefully escaped Corporate Worker (took early retirement this past July).

    Still, you seem all reasonable and sane and stuff, so I’ll stick around and poke my nose in things. I’ve read enough so far to be interested!

    • haha! Way to go on the early retirement! I do what I can, but I must credit my sanity, humour, and POV, all to my service record with the Canadian Government. It’s definitely added a sharper edge to my line of work, and emphasis on providing good food and care to hard working employees!

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