Interview Crimes


Most of us prep for interviews. Even more of us make extra special effort like researching the company down to the last detail including what department is their newest, to what new positions they are developing, to the stats on how they have grown. You can “know” all that is possible- but it does not guarantee success if you commit one of these crimes of the interview. Why is it a crime?-Simply because it equally robs yourself and the interviewer of dignity and respect.

  1. Bad hygiene. This is a crime because it’s in your control. You can do something about. A strong odour may keep you in the company’s memory for all the bad reasons…. It’s best to go into an interview with unscented everything. You never know who is allergic, and what is offensive.
  2. Sitting in my chair, on my desk, or rearranging furniture in the interview room. Believe me, this happens. I once had a guy move a table to the side of the room. I guess “Make yourself comfortable”, took on a whole new meaning here…
  3. Extreme emotion, like gloominess or giddiness. I totally understand that you may be having the best day in the world: you got a job interview, the birds are singing, squirrels are saying hello, the sun is shining on you, the wind is in your hair, the bus driver let you on for a free ride, you found a fiver on the street, and everything is going your way. Or maybe it’s the opposite, the rain and wind is pushing you around, you lost a fiver while reaching into your pocket for your bus pass which you discover somehow melted in the dryer in your interview pants, so you try change in the meter but it doesn’t take so you have to pay double and to make matters worse a squirrel trips you and birds are dive bombing you all the way to the office front door. I get it, but don’t let it destroy your chances of being successful.
  4. Getting chummy with staff. I understand if you are a part of our community, know some staff at the office, or check out our blog and partake in conversation with us. But at your interview, it is not the time to go around and introduce yourself to everyone before or after the interview. It doesn’t make you look any more credible.
  5. Telling an interviewer how to do their job. Chances are if we acted awkward, did something strange, neglected to ask a question, or picked a part one topic- we meant to do that. We want to see your stressor reaction, how you handle unpredictable scenarios, and if you have good boundaries.
  6. Sexifying yourself. I realize this sounds obvious, however I have interviewed both men and women with too many buttons on their blouse undone, pants tighter than Olivia Newton John, and even one guy who asked me for my number at the end of the interview. Ew. No. This is not a date. I’m hiring you for your abilities to be awesome at what you do.
  7. Don’t tell HR they are making a mistake or missing out on not hiring you. I think by saying that I can honestly respond, oh believe me, we’re not.
  8. Don’t negotiate your wage until you receive your letter of offer. Enough said.
  9. Don’t be my BFF, be my colleague. I genuinely want to get to know you, ensure you are a cultural fit, match our values, and more than anything, I want to like you. Please do not “buddy up” to me or anyone else on the interview panel. We are professionals, I would enjoy the interview, and your time as a part of our team so much more if you could demonstrate how great you are as a colleague. On that note, please do not think you are better than me. I get that you may make $60k more than me, however I do my job for the same reasons you do, I love it.
  10. Stay away from racial and religious slurs. This is an obvious faux pas, however it is surprising how many people do this. It is hugely offensive.

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