A Dinner Party with the Unusual Suspects


I promote dinner parties for a few different reasons, a) they are a great way to have a blast without relying on club music and heavy alcohol b) even better way to destress with a group of friends and get ample support c) fabulous strategy to network and build professional and social connections- d) and the last reason?- Food among good people of course!!

2 of the best dinner party gifts I have received include a giant pack of smoked, extra thick, bacon, and the next was a set of coasters circa style 1950’s with a classy woman on them quoting, “Wine is how classy people get shit faced”. Typically I host dinner parties in exchange for the guest pass of a bottle of wine, craft beer, dessert, or an item for my home…. (I have some tres chic napkins and napkin holders thanks to the savvy shopper who got them on clearance).

But among the friends and good company, of all the dinner party themes I have had at my home, James Bond, Murder Mystery/Sleuth, Super Hero, Star Wars, Classy Corporate, Seasonal, Spooky Mystery, Greek, Arabian Nights, Witchy Woman, and Alcoholics Unanimous….. the most interesting trinkets left behind were that of a no themed party with the guest list of, 2 MCFD workers, 1 FMEP worker, 1 Social Worker, 1 Border Security, 2 Military (1 Marine vet, 1 foot soldier active), Executive Chef, and an Events Photographer. Our menu was a classy bacon themed night among professionals equipped with an appy of mini bacon caesars and bacon wrapped scallops, the main of garlic focaccia grilled topped with bacon jam, pulled pork, bacon bits, and petit onion rings, and finally for dessert was a (no bacon for overkill) Jewish cheesecake served with optional blueberry sauce. That night was a great night full of craft beer and good wine. By the time the night had ended, I was cleaning up (admittedly throwing almost everything that didn’t have food in it, into the dishwasher, playing Maytag tetris) when I came across some things I had to take a double look at.

The first was a saran wrap bag of mushrooms in a napkin on my sofa…. the second was a tiny baggie of cocaine in my washroom…. the third was a joint next to the pack of cigarettes and lighter someone left by my door on the entrance table…. the fourth was a water bottle of gin in my fridge…… the fifth was a shirt…. WHO the hell are these people!?!?!?

I was completely dumbfounded and tried to catch a sense of reality wondering…. “Do I txt my guests and kindly let them know they may have forgotten something?” What the hell is the next step?? For me, I have a no drug rule in the house. I flushed the drugs. As for the gin- spirits do not go to waste in my home- that went to good use. As for the shirt, I facebook’d a picture of it, and found an owner. It got me wondering on a professional level, seriously, who are these people? We all work reputable jobs, have credible reputations, volunteer, give back to our community, and yet some of them feel they need to dope at a legit dinner party. I find it bothersome though because I see drugs and alcohol as serious as religion. I do not impose alcohol on anyone, despite that I have a drink every other night. It’s a moral thing, and I reference the bible when I say that alcohol disturbs the spirit. I would not want anyone to impose disturbing behaviour on me, so why would I do that to them? What respect does someone have for my home when they bring illegal substances in? Do me the courtesy of loading before you arrive on my premise, not between the first and second course. Thank goodness my present love interest the narc cop, wasn’t helping me clean up- the evening could have gone a couple different ways.

On that note, I have a reasonable expectation for this at a few of my other dinner parties, but not my professional dinner party! It has definitely added a bit of mystery to the professional friendship zone… I told my Marine buddy, who laughed and said he wished he had stayed for the clean up just to see the look on my face. But who knew? I guess you never really do know your friends… but it adds some spice to the relationship dynamics!


One thought on “A Dinner Party with the Unusual Suspects

  1. I was looking for your food-retention plan post, scrolled too far and this caught my eye (’cause I love a good dinner party, too!). Like many, back in the day I dabbled in chemical recreation; in the late 60s and into 70s, I was a (southern!) California hippie. I rather quickly realized that I didn’t need “uppers” and totally didn’t get “downers” (why would you deliberately do that??).

    Coke is classified as a “euphoric” or mood enhancer, and I found it vaguely interesting — even useful in certain very specific situations — but the downsides blew away any value. (1) It’s expensive [at least it was back then; it’s been 30+ years]. (2) It’s known to be physically addictive [which is an immediate DQ in my book]. (3) It messes with your dopamine system, and that’s not a good thing. (4) the high only lasts about 20 minutes [which makes points #1 and #2 a problem]. And (5) I don’t need it. I apparently exist with a high degree of internal euphoria (’cause life is so interesting), so coke doesn’t actually do that much to me.

    Anyway, all that background by way of saying that, given how many perceive coke to be a major aid in social intercourse (because it makes them feel so energetic and alive and interested and focused, and — say — did you hear that story about…), and given its physically addictive properties and given its short time span… Well, that’s why users toot in social situations. There’s physical need, plus emotional desire, plus a time clock.

    Not unlike nicotine addicts, who can’t go too many hours without a fix, coke ends up being one of those “monkey on your back” things. What’s a bit inexplicable is that they left any behind!

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