Before you get the interview….


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There’s nothing like that first phone call, “We’ve received your resume, and upon review have decided to ask you to come in for an interview…..” Lets face it, for those of us who have “career hustle” (the desire to climb the ladder, or achieve a good opportunity, or perhaps a better pay cheque) we have our interview clothes on standby, the interview “look” ready, right down to the hair and shoes to a T. But more and more common, is the pre screen phone interview. It’s typically anywhere from 10-30minutes, and consists of questions that blend between the formal interview questions and questions that draw out your personality. So. Do you have your interview “voice” down? I have “office voice”. Anytime I am on the phone with a colleague, at the office, or remotely doing anything serious, office voice takes over. It’s a well enunciated, grammatically correct, calm, confident speech pattern I have spent some time working on. I have invested in speech therapy for this and believe me, it has paid off huge! Think of it as the equivalent of joining a speech club or something of the sort. Your interview voice should have a character of its own, it should convey strong charisma, confidence, intellect, and mirror the tone of the screener on the other end of the line.

Notice how the other person is talking, the pace, the rhythm and cues of curiosity, readiness, confidence, etc… It helps to stand up, even pace or walk, when on the phone. Standing lets your adrenaline flow through your entire body and exit through controlled movements as opposed to just bottling up and making you stiff and anxious sitting down. It helps to do your hair, makeup, and clothes as if you were going to an interview, or in a way that makes you feel great about yourself. The point is to build up your confidence and increase your perceived self worth. Often when in an interview, the applicant may feel extreme pressure, stress, and be wondering if they are “good enough”. Remember you are valuable, an asset to any team, and it’s best to be appreciated in an interview, stay away from environments that make you feel tolerated. Good luck!


Did you really just say that?

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